HONEST ANSWERS

Far too many introspective and soul searching questions about God and His plans for us are answered with generic "run of the mill" answers. Is it any wonder why the folks asking the questions usually stop asking? Who can blame them? Especially when they finally work up enough courage to pull a deep stirring question from the bottom of their heart--a question they know will place them in a vulnerable child-like position of ignorance and humility as they wait patiently for an answer. And with baited breath, with their heart pounding in their chest, just when they can't stand the anticipation anymore, comes the answer,..."Gee, I don't know".  To only be outdone by the ever insightful, "God works in mysterious ways".  You can only expect somebody to put themselves through this a couple of times before they decide, "This isn't for me".

This scenario plays out far too frequently and it shuts people down.  But the answers are there, just waiting to be given to us. However, we cant drink out of a fire hydrant. There's a process to receive this information. But let's move on. 


I would be honored if you were to spend some of your valuable time in this site. My hope is that you'll find something that helps you and yours. When you do, all glory to God! 


I am not a pastor, nor do I have a formal education in divinity. I simply want to share with you some of the answers the spirit has given me. Thank you, Lord. 


Let me say this:  You must accept that God loves you! Each and every one of you. Yes that guy too. Yup, even her. Yes, even that guy who did that terrible thing to you. You need to accept that our father considers all of them, and you, his beloved children. I remember telling my daughter, as she was hurting the feelings of my other child, that my heart breaks in two if somebody hurts my child, if if the one doing the hurting is my child. If you don't grasp this concept, no amount of reading will bring you peace or joy. Don't I said, this is a process.


I will be posting answers to some very tough questions, and I won't shy away from the rough stuff either. Some answers will be long and windy, others will be just a couple of sentences long. Please submit some of your own questions too. You will remain anonymous of course, but I will post your question and my answer. And yes, you will find some typos.   :)   


                                                                                                      Here is the most recent question I've posted:

"Isn't the Bible just a book put together by old men from back in the day just to get people to behave?"


This question is a close cousin to many other similar questions:  "How do you know the Bible is real?" or "Isn't it just another book about religion?"--just to name a couple.


If you put 10 people in a line and tell the 1st person a one paragraph story, and tell him to pass it on, by the time you get to the 10th person, you'd be luck if you had even half of the original story in tact. 


Now imagine 66 different books, written by over 50 different authors, over a span of 1500 years plus, without modern technology. What do you think the odds are that these books, under these parameters, would stay on point and not have any contradictions (yes, you heard that contradictions---ex:  Though shall not kill (murder) is different from execution (justice).  The odds are billions to ONE.  That means impossible.


Now consider that many empires and dictators have tried to ban this book and it's message, only to have those countries' people and governments become believers (without violence).


Now imagine people willingly, and without fight, being fed to lions, or burned at the stake, or face a firing squad, unless they recant their faith, or in some cases just keep it to themselves.


Now imagine people who receive the spirit from this message feeling compelled to go forth and share the news like it's the only thing that matters. Then these people set up charities and organizations for any and all in need, even if those that accept the help don't accept the faith.


Now imagine how some seem to find peace and contentment even if they've experienced immeasurable suffering (loss of a child) without turning to the bottle, or pills, or violence, etc..


There's something to this book. I'm tellin ya.  


This message that started out with a tent dwelling people is blanketed with divine protection. 


I hope you are blessed. In the name of the Father, the Son, & the Holy Spirit.



--til next time.